Supply of other materials, grids and accessories

Anchors and stops of own production

Screwed anchor: anchor l160/180 ⏀25/300 6mm
Screwed anchor: anchor l160/180 ⏀25/400 8mm
Driven anchor: anchor l160/180 ⏀25/300 6mm
Driven anchor: anchor l160/180 ⏀25/400 6mm
Anti-sinking plate: 100х35х300 Super M12 6mm

Metal products made in Russia and Kazakhstan

Wire rope, from high carbon steel

GOST 7372-79

⏀1.8 mm, 2 mm, 2.5 mm, 2.6 mm and 4 mm.

Spiral rope:

GOST 3063-80

construction 1х19 (1+6+12)

⏀5,6 mm, 7,1 mm, 8,1 mm  

GOST 3064-80

construction 1х37 (1+6+12+18)

⏀5,6 mm, 7,0 mm, 7,8 mm

Caps and accessories for hail-protection nets

Our Company is a dealer of one of the largest Italian manufacturers of trellis caps, as well as accessories

Hail – protection net

The Italian company AGRINOVA, one of the first in the world, began to use agrofibre to protect gardens and vineyards. More than 50 years experience of the company allowed AGRINOVA to become one of the world leaders in its segment, and to offer the best solutions on the market for the climatic conditions of different countries.